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armarium codicum bibliophilorum
Cod. 8
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Martin le Franc, Le Champion des Dames
Parchment · 4 ff. · 32 x 24 cm · after 1442 - end of the 15th century
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Manuscript Summary
This parchment fragment from Martin le Franc’s Champion des Dames (Book I, v. 3901-v. 4062 + Book II, v. 4313-v. 4470) is from the 15th century. The text corresponds to that of the Deschaux edition (1999). Carefully copied in two columns, the different stanzas of the poem are introduced by colored initials, alternating red and blue, and by champie initials. Book II opens with a decorated initial on a gold background, badly worn due to the fragment’s use as binding for a land register during the 17th century. This land register belonged to Jaques Etienne Clavel, co-ruler of Marsens, Ropraz and Brenles (fol. 2r). (rou)
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Description de Brigitte Roux, 2018.
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10.5076/e-codices-utp-0008 (
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Utopia, armarium codicum bibliophilorum, Cod. 8: Martin le Franc, Le Champion des Dames (
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