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armarium codicum bibliophilorum
Cod. 4
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Armenian Hymnarium (Sharaknots)
Paper · 416 ff. · 13.1 x 10 cm · Awendants, Khizan in the Province Van · 1647
Armenian, Latin
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Manuscript Summary
Liturgical manuscript (Sharaknots), written by the copyist Awetis in Khizan in the province Van in the year 1647 (1096 according to the Armenian calendar). It contains 11 large miniatures and 28 miniatures in the margins, executed and signed by the painter Yovanes Gharietsi. He was one of the most fascinating artists of the late School of Vaspurakan. The manuscript is part of certain hymnals, created for private customers in the region of Lake Van and characterized by bright colors and interlace ornamentation. The manuscript features the Armenian Khaz-notation. The text contains the collection of hymns in use in the Armenian Church, in the same order as in a Hymnarium printed as a first edition in Amsterdam in the year 1664. Three more hymnals of this type, also the result of the collaboration of these two artists, are known: two in Jerusalem and one in Jerewan. Attached in the beginning and at the end are two sheets of parchment containing a part of the Proprium de Sanctis from a Latin breviary from the 13th/14th century. (ber)
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Standard description
Description by Davit Ghazaryan, translated into English by Aida Charkhchyan, the verse by Mery Hovsepyan, 2013.
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10.5076/e-codices-utp-0004 (
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Utopia, armarium codicum bibliophilorum, Cod. 4: Armenian Hymnarium (Sharaknots) (
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