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St. Gallen
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Cod. Sang. 1767
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Manuscript Title
Graduale de tempore
Parchment · IV + 556 pp. · 55.5–56 x 39.5–40 cm · around 1500/1520
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
Graduale de tempore, commissioned by Prince-Abbot Franz Gaisberg (1504–1529, coat of arms p. 1) and illuminated by the book illustrator Nikolaus Bertschi from Augsburg (initials, miniatures and borders with vine scrolls and animals). The banderole on p. 55, which ends with etc. 156, may give a (false) indication regarding the dating (1506 or 1516?). The chants for the Mass are written in German plainsong notation (“Hufnagelnotation”) on a five line staff. This codex is the largest of the St. Gall Abbey library’s manuscripts. Originally it was even larger; for re-binding, the pages were severely trimmed, as can be discerned from the folded lower margin on p. 1 or from the trimmed border on p. 444. Binding with heavy fittings on a red velvet background. (sno)
Standard description:
Standard description
Scarpatetti Beat Matthias von, Die Handschriften der Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen, Codices 1726-1984 (14.-19. Jahrhundert) Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen 1983, S. 36-38.
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Additional description:
Additional description
Schmid Alfred A., Die Buchmalerei des XVI. Jahrhunderts in der Schweiz, Olten 1954, S. 153-154.
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10.5076/e-codices-csg-1767 (
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St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 1767: Graduale de tempore (
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Samuel_Schick · 06/23/2017, 23:52:48

Pages 450 - 469 :

Entgegen der Standartbeschreibung auch Pfingsten ohne Sequenz. Müsste "Veni sancte spiritus" oder eher die lokale Variante "Sancti spiritus assit nobis gratia" sein. Vielleicht liegt einer Verwechslung mit den gleich beginnenden Alleluia-Versen auf p. 453 und 454 vor.

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