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Cod. 803
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Rotulus von Mülinen: Recipes, incantations, blessings, De taxone liber; alphabetical glossary of plants
Parchment · 1 f. · 597 x 13-13.5 cm · Alsace: probably Murbach Abbey · end of the 11th / beginning of the 12th century
Latin, Old High German
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
This manuscript is probably from Murbach Abbey; it is an example of the transmission of texts by the medium of the medieval scroll. The Rotulus von Mülinen contains more than 460 recipes, incantations and blessings in Latin, with selective interlinear glosses in Old High German. In addition there is an isolated recipe purely in Old High German Contra paralysin theutonice. The verso side contains an extensive glossary with over 1500 lemmas from the field of medicine, partly provided with Latin and Old High German explanations. (koe)
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Standard description
Redigiert von Norbert Kössinger und Florian Mittenhuber, Juni 2015/Februar 2016.
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10.5076/e-codices-bbb-0803 (
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Bern, Burgerbibliothek, Cod. 803: Rotulus von Mülinen: Recipes, incantations, blessings, De taxone liber; alphabetical glossary of plants (
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Ferraces Rodríguez, Arsenio: Dos retractaciones inéditas del De taxone, in: La veterinaria antica e medievale (testi greci, latini, arabi e romanzi), Atti del II Convegno internazionale, Catania 3-5 ottobre 2007, a cura di Vincenzo Ortoleva e Maria Rosaria Petringa, Lugano 2009 [2010] (Biblioteca di Sileno. 2), 227-242, [Bern 803 und clm 23479; ed. von BM 232-233, ed. B 237-238]

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