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Cod. 207
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Manuscript Title
Corpus Grammaticorum Latinorum
Parchment · 197 ff. · 29.5-30 x 17-17.5 cm · Fleury (?) · end of 8th / beginning of 9th century
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
Cod. 207, presumably created in Fleury (St. Benoît-sur-Loire), is one of the few and by far the richest representative of a style that evolved in Fleury towards the end of the 8th century; with its extremely rich and high-quality artistic decoration, consisting of three ornamental pages and almost 140 initials, it is an outstanding example of the creative evolution that the insular language of forms underwent in the important cultural centers of the continent. The manuscript, consisting of 197 leaves in Bern as well as 24 leaves in Paris (BNF, lat. 7520), is the oldest grammar manuscript from Fleury; it contains an early medieval corpus of Roman grammarians from antiquity and from the early medieval period: Bede, Donatus, Maximus Victorinus, Julianus Toletanus, Servius Honoratus, Asper minor, Sergius, Petrus Pisanus, Isidore, as well as numerous other anonymous treatises and excerpts. (mit)
Standard description:
Standard description
Homburger, Otto: Die illustrierten Handschriften der Burgerbibliothek Bern. Bd. 1. Bern 1962. S. 32–39. Redigiert und ergänzt von Florian Mittenhuber, Juli 2016.
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DOI (Digital Object Identifier
10.5076/e-codices-bbb-0207 (
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Bern, Burgerbibliothek, Cod. 207: Corpus Grammaticorum Latinorum (
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