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Ms. Rh. 167
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Manuscript Title
Rheinau Psalter
Parchment · 199 ff. · 27.5 x 18.5 cm · Constance/area of Lake Constance · around 1260
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Manuscript Summary
The Rheinau Psalter, Ms. Rh. 167, is among the preeminent treasures of the Zurich Central Library. Its miniatures are a product of the highest level of artistry of the High Gothic painting of this period around 1260, which is also true for the sophisticated color and painting techniques that were used. In contrast, the script, while of quite good quality, cannot be counted among the highest examples of the art of writing. The commissioner of the manuscript must be sought in the area of Lake Constance, probably in the city of Constance, which was very important in the politics and church politics at the time of the interregnum. In 1817, Father Blasius Hauntinger purchased the manuscript from Melchior Kirchhofer in Schaffhausen for the Benedictine Rheinau Abbey; in 1863, the manuscript, along with the Rheinau Abbey Library, became part of the Cantonal Library (today Central Library) in Zurich. (ste)
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Standard description
Beschreibung von Marlis Stähli und Christoph Eggenberger, 2013.
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Additional description
Mohlberg Leo Cunibert, Katalog der Handschriften der Zentralbibliothek Zürich I, Mittelalterliche Handschriften, Zürich 1952, S. 244 und S. 395.
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10.5076/e-codices-zbz-Ms-Rh-0167 (
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Zürich, Zentralbibliothek, Ms. Rh. 167: Rheinau Psalter (
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