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Médiathèque Valais
S 101
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Manuscript Title
Terentius, Comoediae
Paper · 103 pp. · 31 x 21.5 cm · Basel · around 1474
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Manuscript Summary
This manuscript from the library of the Bishop of Sion Walter Supersaxo (ca. 1402-1482) and his son Georg (ca. 1450-1529) contains five of the six comedies by Terence, although the last one, Hecyra, abruptly ends in the middle of the text. This codex is part of a group of manuscripts (S 51, S 56, S 105) that Georg Supersaxo himself made or had made during his studies in Basel (beginning in 1472). In this group, Terence’s comedies are contained in the present manuscript as well as in codex S 105. These two manuscripts are very similar to one another regarding text and formatting. However, in contrast to codex S 105, which is written carefully and regularly and which is decorated with more elaborate initials, codex S 101 definitely is a manuscript for regular use. The initials and the rubrication soon discontinue. The binding is from the same workshop as that of codex S 51. Both have identical stamping, and the fragments, which were used to reinforce the inside cover, are from the same manuscript. They contain excerpts from the Physica by Aristotle in the translation by James of Venice. (dre)
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Beschreibung von Veronika Drescher für e-codices, 2018.
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10.5076/e-codices-mvs-S-0101 (
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