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Musée historique de Vevey
Inv. Nr. 1346
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Manuscript Title
Antiphonarium lausannense, pars hiemalis (vol. I)
Parchment · 360 pp. · 59-59.5 x 41-41.5 cm · Bern, St. Vincent · around 1489/1490
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
This volume is part of an antiphonary in three volumes that was produced in duplicate for the liturgy of Bern’s Collegiate Church of St. Vincent, founded in 1484/85. The manuscript contains the entire winter portion of the Temporale, of the Sanctorale and of the Commune Sanctorum according to the liturgy of the Diocese of Lausanne. This volume is the duplicate of volume I‬, today held in the Catholic parish Saint-Laurent in Estavayer-le-Lac. Originally the volume was decorated with eight initials, of which only two remain (p. 71 and p. 429); they are attributed to the illuminator and copyist Konrad Blochinger, who also added corrections and annotations of the text to the other volumes of this group. After the introduction of the Reformation in the year 1528 and the subsequent secularization of the chapter, the entire group of antiphonaries was sold: four were sold to the city of Estavayer-le-Lac and were used there for the liturgy of the Collegiate Church of St. Lorenz; the other two — including this manuscript — reached Vevey under circumstances that remain unexplained. They are currently held in the historical museum there. (ber)
Standard description:
Standard description
Description de Marina Bernasconi Reusser, mai 2015 (sur la base de Joseph Leisibach, Die Antiphonare des Berner Münsters St. Vinzenz: eine nicht erhoffte Neuentdeckung, in „Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique suisse“, 83 (1989), p. 185-187).
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10.5076/e-codices-mhv-1346 (
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Vevey, Musée historique de Vevey, Inv. Nr. 1346: Antiphonarium lausannense, pars hiemalis (vol. I) (
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Andrea Giovannini 2014 (PDF)
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