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Musée gruérien
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Rentier domestique de moy Joannes Castella bourgeois de Frybourg et Chastellain de la Ville de Gruyère
Paper · [15] + 238 + [27] pp. · 14 x 19 cm · 4.10.1675-10.11.1688
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
The first 14 pages of this urbarium consist of various notes regarding oaths and contracts. Page 15 constitutes the frontispiece of the register as such: ‟Ici commence mon rentier domestique, cet assavoir de moÿ Joannes Castella, bourgeois de Frÿbourg et chastellain de la ville de Gruÿere, le 3me janvier 1681”. This booklet lists all of Jean Castella’s expenditures (ordinary expenses such as saddle girths, wages paid to a midwife, purchase of wood, etc., as well as less ordinary expenses) along with receipts and, in particular, details regarding his income from lands. The author also notes down judgments in which he participated as a jury member or as guarantor for the authorities. In addition he mentions gifts that he received or gave. The register lists costs of and earnings from his official function as well as expenditures and income from his private activities. This is nothing less than a historical summary of the everyday life of a notable Gruyère citizen from the late 17th century. (def)
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10.5076/e-codices-mgb-0386 (
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Bulle, Musée gruérien, 386: Rentier domestique de moy Joannes Castella bourgeois de Frybourg et Chastellain de la Ville de Gruyère (
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Ionathan_Dominicella · 07/30/2019, 09:33:06

Page 1 :

Mention de la comète C/1680 V1, aussi connue sous le nom de "Grande Comète de 1680", "comète de Kirch" ou "comète de Newton", observée jusqu'au début de l'année 1681.

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