Select manuscript from this collection: Législation et variétés 42/Gesetzgebung und Verschiedenes 42  Marsens-Humilimont, Nécrologe et martyrologe, 1 (ancienne cote : Grosses de Marsens, no 64) RN 9/1  RN 9/1  16/16
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Country of Location
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Library / Collection
Archives de l'État de Fribourg/Staatsarchiv Freiburg
RN 9/1
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Manuscript Title
Registrum Lombardorum
Paper · 3 + 123 + 3 ff. · 29.5 x 22 cm · Fribourg · 1356-1359
Latin, French
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
The manuscript RN 9/1, which contains the oldest notarial register in the state archive of Fribourg, is from the chancellery of Pierre Nonans. It consists of two clearly separated parts. The first 110 leaves contain the ‘normal’ part, which comprises legal matters between 1 February 1356 (New Style) and 21 March 1359 (New Style). The second part begins in the opposite direction on folio 123, ending on folio 110, so that both parts meet on folio 110r. This second part constitutes a special register (fol. 110-123), which records the loans arranged between 1 March 1356 (New Style) and 20 March 1359 (New Style) with the Fribourg Lombards, moneylenders originally from Lombardy but residing in Fribourg since the late 13th century; this register bears the name Registrum Lombardorum. It is by this name that the entire register has become recorded in history. (drt)
Standard description:
Standard description
Beschreibung Lionel Dorthe, 2015.
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DOI (Digital Object Identifier
10.5076/e-codices-aef-RN-0009-0001 (
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Fribourg/Freiburg, Archives de l'État de Fribourg/Staatsarchiv Freiburg, RN 9/1: Registrum Lombardorum (
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Les sources du droit du canton de Fribourg, I. Le droit des villes, 7. Registrum Lombardorum. Le premier registre notarial des Archives de l’État de Fribourg (1356-1359), Lionel Dorthe et Kathrin Utz Tremp (éd.), Bâle: Schwabe Verlag, 2016 (SDS FR I/3/7). Accessible en ligne:

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