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Archivio parrocchiale (on long-term loan in Lottigna, Museo storico della Valle di Blenio)
s. n.
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Manuscript Title
"Martirologio-inventario" of the Church of S. Stefano in Torre, 1639
Parchment · 60 ff. · 31.2 x 21 cm · Torre · 1639 (-1924)
Latin, Italian
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
This martirologio-inventario (an annal followed by an inventory of property) of the Church of S. Stefano in Torre in the Blenio Valley inTicino, was written in 1639 at the request of the vicini (the original members of the municipal corporate body) of Torre and Grumo, in order to replace the 1569 copy, which was not up to date. It contains a description of the old church of S. Stefano before its reconstruction during the baroque period; the list of furnishings, of liturgical vestments, and of gold items in the church treasury; the list of annuali, i.e., of the annual celebrations for the death days of deceased members of the Church; and the church revenues. At the beginning of the manuscript there is a partially gilded drawing of the church patron St. Stephen. (ber)
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Standard description
Descrizione di Marina Bernasconi Reusser, 2013.
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DOI (Digital Object Identifier
10.5076/e-codices-tap-Martirologio1639 (
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Torre, Archivio parrocchiale, s. n.: "Martirologio-inventario" of the Church of S. Stefano in Torre, 1639 (
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