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Fondation Martin Bodmer
Cod. Bodmer 40
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Jean Bodel, Chanson de Saisnes
Parchment · II + 122 + II ff. · 17.6 x 12.4 cm · France · end of the 13th century
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Manuscript Summary
Jean Bodel, who was a member of the Brotherhood of Buskers and a bourgeois (middle-class resident) of Arras, wrote his Chanson des Saisnes (Song of the Saxons) during the last third of the 12th century. This epic in Alexandrine verse tells of the war prosecuted by Charlemagne against the Saxon King Guiteclin. The Chanson exists today in three manuscripts (a fourth was completely destroyed in the fire at the library of Turin) which present different versions of the text. The long version held by the Fondation Martin Bodmer is in a small-format manuscrit de jongleur or performer's script. It was probably produced around the end of the 13th century and is a simple piece of work, without miniatures, written on parchment, much of which was poorly cut, and it is roughly sewn together. (mes)
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Standard description
Vielliard Françoise, Manuscrits Français du Moyen Âge, Cologny-Genève, 1975, pp. 32-34.
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10.5076/e-codices-cb-0040 (
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Cologny, Fondation Martin Bodmer, Cod. Bodmer 40: Jean Bodel, Chanson de Saisnes (
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Bodel Jean, La Chanson des Saisnes, édition critique par Annette Brasseur, 2 vol., Librairie Droz S.A., Genève, 1989.

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