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Chesa Planta Samedan
Ad 109
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Manuscript Title
Joseph da Iacobb (Drama about Joseph)
Paper · 80 ff. · 15 x 10 cm · 1649
Romansch language
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Manuscript Summary
This manuscript contains the text of a Lower Engadine version of a drama about Joseph (ff. 1-74), which is based on the play “Ein hüpsch nüwes Spil von Josephen (…)”, attributed to Jacob Ruf and printed in Zurich in 1540. Converging indicators, such as the statements by Chiampell (Placidus Plattner, Ulrici Campelli Historia raetica, Basel, Schneider, T. 2 1890, 353), as well as the orthography and the language of the transcriptions suggest that this is the only surviving copy of the Joseph-drama by Chiampell himself, which was performed in Susch in 1564. At the end of the manuscript, there is a conversation between a Protestant pastor and a sick person (ff. 75-77), as well as several prayers (ff. 78-80), which were translated from the German by the scribe of the text, Baltasar Valantin. (dar)
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10.5076/e-codices-cps-Ad0109 (
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Samedan, Chesa Planta Samedan, Ad 109: Joseph da Iacobb (Drama about Joseph) (
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Ines Gartmann, Catalog da la collecziun da manuscrits da la Fundaziun Planta Samedan, 1975, s.v.Ad 109; Hinweis: Felix Giger, Das engadiner Drama des 16. Jahrhunderts, Freiburg i/Ue 1973 (Liz.-Arbeit), S.33f.

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