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Jagiellonian Library
Depositum (Ms. Berol. Theol. Lat. Qu. 11)
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Parchment · 266 ff. · 21 x 13.5 cm · St. Gall · around 1024-1027
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Manuscript Summary
A total of eight manuscripts, written and illuminated in St. Gall in the period between 1022 and 1036 for Sigebert, Bishop of Minden (1022-1036), have survived until today. They are a complete group of liturgical manuscripts consisting of a sacramentary, an epistolary, an evangeliary, a gradual, a tropary-sequentiary, a gradual-hymnal, a hymnal and the Ordo missae. This tropary-sequentiary contains a drawing of the author Notker Balbulus (about 840-912) in the sequentiary part on f. 144r. He is depicted as the writer of his sequence Sancti Spiritus Assit nobis gratia and is represented with a saint’s halo. In 1683 the manuscript became part of the library of Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg, and later of the Berlin State Library (Staatsbibliothek). Along with other manuscripts (among others the Epistolary), it was evacuated to safety during World War II and today is held as a deposit in Krakow. (flu)
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Standard description
Euw Anton von, Die St. Galler Buchkunst vom 8. bis zum Ende des 11. Jahrhunderts. (= Monasterium Sancti Galli, Bd. 3) Band I: Textband. St. Gallen 2008, S. 518-520, Nr. 152.
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10.5076/e-codices-bj-Berol-Theol-Lat-Qu-0011 (
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Krakow, Jagiellonian Library, Depositum (Ms. Berol. Theol. Lat. Qu. 11): Tropary-Sequentiary (
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